The NKG Forum is now closed.  Please see below
Hi All,
As you will all be aware, the NKG web site will be moving to a new home.
After many years under Peter Bindons care, Peter has decided now is the time to pass the management of the website onto someone else.
The role & future of the forum on the website was discussed at length at the AGM, with some in favour of dropping in from the website and some wishing to retain it.
To gauge the feeling of the people who use the forum, Len put a post on 11th April asking those who still use the forum to reply to his message in support of the forum. In the 4 weeks there have been 180 views of the post with only 2 responses, one of which was from an individual who joined on the day to make the post and stated his location was Sweden/Thailand !
As the forum still requires administration on a regular basis the committee have decided, that following the poor response to Lens post, the forum will be removed from the website. I appreciate this may upset some members who have previously used the forum, but the committee feel that the number of people using it does not justify the effort to maintain it.
I will still continue to email updates to all members about events etc, and there will still be regular updates on our facebook page.  
Simon Cooper has very kindly offered to take over the management of the website.
You may see some minor changes to website in the coming weeks as the website is transferred over.