Accident Reporting

Our Public Liability Insurance Policy with Zurich
We have insurance that covers you at NKG events and other events authorised by
the club.

What to do after an accident

If there is an accident where somebody is injured, or where property is damaged,
give the person enquiring the contact information for the Secretary by referring
them the NKG website.

Write out a statement about what happened

This will serve two purposes: to enable us to notify Zurich if a claim is made by the
other party and also to help us prevent similar accidents in the future.
If you can, get somebody else to write it for you, for example the NKG Secretary or
Safety Officer at the event. Write it carefully and methodically going through what
happened step by step. Read it through and add anything that you may have
missed, then sign and date it.
Make sure that you include:
Date, time, place (with a description of the site).
Weather including light, wind (speed and direction).
The make and types of kite involved, sizes, line used etc.
If the kite was tethered describe the stake or sand anchor.
Whether an arena was laid out.
Draw a sketch plan of the area.
Photographs may be useful in explaining what happened.
Describe what warning signs were being displayed.
Describe any visible physical injuries to the third party (or damage) that you saw. Say what the injured party did or didn’t do.
Did they contribute to the accident and if so how.
Make a note of what was said at the time by any possible claimants.
Take the names and addresses of anybody who may have anything useful to say
about what happened, whether they were direct witnesses or not.
If at a non-NKG event make sure the organisers know about what happened. Tell
us the name of the person you reported the accident to, if possible with their
contact details.
The procedure where damage to property is likely to be claimed is broadly the
same as in personal injury cases. Describe what happened and the damage that
you saw.
Send the statement to the Secretary or give it to one of the NKG Officers.

We need to know about near misses

The Secretary/Safety Officer should be informed of all near misses so that the
hazard and risks can be taken into account in preparing the Club risk assessments.
Somebody who did not appear to be injured at the time may decide to claim,
perhaps on false grounds.
Go through the above procedure