NKG Public Liability Insurance

We have a public liability insurance policy with Zurich which covers us when our members attend club activities.

Club activitiesare the NKG’s own festivals, NKG Fly-ins and other kite festivals or events approved either by the Annual General Meeting or by the Committee. For an up to date list please see the website here.

All enquiries about the insurance policy should be made directly to the Secretary.

Requests to have a non-NKG festival included on the approved list should be made to the Secretary well in advance and supplying full details. Events will not be added retrospectively, following an accident.

The insurance policy does not cover members when flying privately, away from club supported events, as individuals. Members may wish to obtain for themselves insurance to cover those situations.

This insurance cover is a valuable benefit of club membership. If a member causes personal injury to any person or damage to property whilst at our events and the NKG are held to be liable, compensation up to £5 million can be paid. This can include claims by members against the NKG itself.

You should ensure that: your membership subscriptions are fully paid up before flying at any event and that the event in question has been approved by the club.


That we obey the law, which includes CAA regulations.

That we risk assess all our key activities and keep the written assessments to demonstrate that we have done so.

That we follow any rules, guidelines or advice given to us by official bodies such as a local authority or the Health and Safety Executive.

Reasonable precautions include:

  • Maintaining and using equipment correctly for example, kite, line anchors etc, and only using equipment that is suitable for one’s level of skill and the wind speed.
  • Ensuring  that there are no obvious hazards to flying a kite; for example electricity transmission lines and nearby roads.
  • ensuring there is a suitable safety margin between where you are flying and people, animals, buildings and vehicles.
  • Compliance with the control measures in the risk assessment carried out by the club or outside festival organiser.

Accident Reporting

In the event of any incident, accident or near miss which may result in a claim against the club policy it is important that;

  1. The circumstances are recorded in writing.
  2. It is reported to the Secretary as soon as possible afterwards.

Please click here to see a separate advice note about accident/incident reporting. 

More information

Other risks are covered by the policy in addition to those mentioned above.  Contact the Secretary for more information.

The Secretary holds the full policy documents which are available for inspection by members on request.